The Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers has adopted the following Standards for Professional Practice to enhance professionalism and promote the highest ethical standards in the product fund-raising industry. These Standards are in accordance with the AFRDS Code of Ethics.

Professional Standards for All AFRDS Members

  1. Members shall bring credit to the product fund-raising industry through all of their actions.
  2. Members shall comply in spirit as well as to the letter of all applicable local, state, provincial and federal law.
  3. Members shall act according to the highest standards set forth in the AFRDS Code of Ethics.
  4. Members shall market products, programs and services that are in the best interests of student and volunteer sellers.
  5. Members shall be responsible for the actions of their employees and/or sales persons, including independent contractors.
  6. Members shall represent themselves clearly and accurately to all entities within and outside of the product fund-raising industry.
  7. Members shall not make untrue or misleading statements about competitors or other companies operating within the product fund-raising industry.
  8. Members shall not engage in unfair or deceptive business practices.
  9. No member shall knowingly interfere with the contractual relationships of any party or entity.

Professional Standards for Working with Non-Profit Organizations

  1. Members shall keep the safety of children involved in fund-raising campaigns as a prime concern.
  2. Members shall present products, programs and services accurately and completely, and in no way take advantage of a fund-raising project leader’s possible lack of expertise or experience.
  3. Members shall not use profit percentage figures in a misleading fashion.
  4. Members shall disclose to prospective customers which goods and services are included in the total program package and which are not.
  5. Members shall provide services and goods as promised.
  6. Members shall be fair in settling disputes over price or merchandise.
  7. Members shall be sensitive to the potential negative impact on students or volunteers of placing undue emphasis on sales incentives.
  8. Members shall not engage in practices or activities that could degrade the industry in the eyes of children, parents or project coordinators.

Professional Standards for Supplier/Distributor Relationships

  1. Suppliers shall deliver to distributors products identical to, or of equal quality to, those sent for sampling.
  2. Suppliers shall not substitute merchandise without consulting the distributor.
  3. Distributors shall not use one manufacturer’s printed literature to sell merchandise, and then deliver merchandise of another manufacturer.
  4. Distributors shall pay for merchandise within agreed terms.

Professional Standards for Supplier/Broker Relationships

  1. Suppliers shall make a full and honest accounting of all sales and commissions.
  2. Brokers shall inform suppliers of any potential conflicts of interest resulting from a broker’s representation of similar products from other suppliers.
  3. Brokers shall protect the interests of its customers by researching prospective suppliers’ ability and willingness to meet the unique supply demands of the fund-raising market.
  4. Brokers shall not be party to any transaction that is not fair to the broker’s suppliers and distributors.

Professional Standards for Broker/Distributor Relationships

  1. Brokers and distributors shall not disclose mutually shared, privileged information to unauthorized parties.